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Montrachet, Musigny, Clos des Mouches, Chambolle-Musigny, ...

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The Climats of Burgundy were registered into the UNESCO World Heritage List in the category of "cultural landscapes" as a combined work of man and nature in 2015. It showcases how human activity has shaped a unique culture and landscape.

The inscription of the Climats as World Heritage represents global recognition:

   . Of a unique cultural site shaped by humans over 2,000 years.
   . Of an exceptional built heritage linked to vineyard culture.
   .  Of a terroir-based viticulture model that radiates throughout the world.

It also guarantees the preservation and transmission of the cultural and natural heritage of the Burgundy winegrowing slope to future generations.

The Drouhin Family has always been aligned with this philosophy, as a founding patron, and throughout its history of over 140 years. So many revealed Climats that captivate the world and enlightened enthusiasts from all over the world.

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