First impressions

2019 vintage should not only be looked with the heat wave that occurred in the summer but also with all the other various events that occurred during the year.
In April there have been 3 frost episodes, and the night of April 4th is the one that did most of frost damages in Burgundy especially in Mâcon.
Probably 30% of the future grapes were lost that night.
The flowering occurred in June with a cool and rainy weather. As a result there has been a lot of millerandage. Summer was hot and dry, as a result the grapes and the berries did not grow much but did not really suffer from dehydration. The skins were thick, there were no disease obviously no rottenness and the sugar levels grew quickly but the analysis showed that the acidity was still in balance with the sugar level.
Harvest began at the estate on September 13th, which is a normal date. The first wines that we tasted for the reds showed an intense and beautiful colour, good concentration, balance, depth, so potentially excellent wines.
The whites also showed good richness but balance.
Overall the yields for both whites and reds are between -20% and -40% in Burgundy and the wines should be excellent.