Premier Cru

Grape Variety :



Site: one of the four communes of the Côte Chalonnaise, also known as Region of Mercurey. Montagny is the southernmost appellation. The vineyards are planted on a series of hills in the shape of a horseshoe.
Soil: limestone and clay.


Planting density: 10 000 stocks per hectare.
Pruning: Guyot.
Yield: 57 hl/ha, low on purpose, in order to reveal every nuance from the terroir.


Supply: grapes and must are purchased from vineyard owners who are trusted supply partners. Very slow pressing, to respect fruit. The juices from the last pressings are not used.
The wine goes directly into barrels after "débourbage" (decanting of white wine to reduce sediment).


Type: in barrels (20% in new oak).
Length: 6 to 8 months.

Throughout the ageing process, decisions are taken only after careful tasting evaluation. The data obtained is then completed through technical analysis. As with every other Joseph Drouhin wine, absolute priority is given to the true expression of terroir and character of the vintage.

Tasting note by Véronique Boss-Drouhin

"An attractive white wine, slightly pale in colour. Aromas of Golden apple, fresh almonds, fern and a touch of citrus, emanate without restraint. On the palate, the first impression may be lively and well defined, but a sensation of roundness soon follows. The aftertaste is long and flavourful; elegant and delicious aromas of compote (stewed fruit) can also be discerned".


It is a very homogeneous vintage. It is ripe and its aromatic structure is supported by its acidity balance. From charming to more intense, deep and complex.


Temperature: 13°C (55°C).
Cellaring: 2 to 5 years.