2007 - A year full of contrasts, with a glorious finish

The least one can say is that 2007 was a year when the seasons were turned upside down.
The weather was subject to different moods. Unstable conditions were in fact the recurring theme throughout the year.
The first three months of 2007 were on the whole very mild, with temperatures higher than normal by 2°C (3°F). Rainfall was adequate. April was much warmer than usual, with the average temperature for the month a record-breaking 16°C (60°F), nearly the same level usually seen in June. This was the warmest April since 1922. A humid and mild May was followed by a very stormy June.
July will go down as one of the rainiest months in the last 30 years, while August was also cool and wet.
But September, with sunshine above average, saved the day.
Picking, already expected to be early, started at the very beginning of September under ideal conditions: dry, windy, sunny weather under bright clear skies.
This excellent climatic situation allowed the grapes to ripen quickly and to gain in flavour, while preserving a good acidity level.

At the Joseph Drouhin domaine, the harvest was spread over a period of three weeks. The crop is smaller than in 2006 and is actually one of the smallest in the last 10 years.
The grapes had to be carefully sorted in the vineyards and sometimes even in the cellars.
The vinification occurred without problems.
The wines are very typical of their geographical origin.

They show great purity of taste and a pleasant floral style. Chablis is very mineral in character, almost briny. The whites of Côte d'Or and Côte Châlonnaise are floral. The Mâconnais wines are seductive as well, very floral with notes of pale honey.

They have a refined structure, a good level of acidity and fine, complex aromas of small red berries. Most of the great appellations of Côte de Nuits present uniform quality. The reds of Côte de Beaune are elegant, very fruity and a little more lively than in 2006.

On the whole, 2007 is a pleasant vintage: it should probably be consumed after the 2006, but before the 2005.