2006 - Charm and Seduction

Like other wine regions in France, Burgundy had to adjust to unsettled weather throughout the year. Due to a long and cold winter, budding started late. During spring and at the beginning of summer, strong heat spells favoured the rapid development of the vine. This growth was slowed down by rain and cool weather in August.

The harvest started at a somewhat normal date for the region: September 18th in Côte de Beaune, but two days earlier in Chablis because of the maturity and concentration of the grapes - an extremely rare occurrence considering the northern location of this region. Picking took place over a two-week period instead of three, as we wanted to bring in grapes that had a good balance between sugar, fruit and acidity. A careful sorting of the grapes was necessary to ensure uniformity of quality before the start of fermentation. Fermentation took place rapidly, no doubt facilitated by the high sugar levels and the indigenous yeasts. During the winter, the wines were able to settle down as they underwent their malolactic fermentation.

The whites are ample, rich and velvety in texture. Their acidity level is low. The wines from Mâconnais and Côte Chalonnaise are seductive; the great appellations of Côte d'Or also have great charm. They can be drunk.

The reds cover a wide qualitative range, some with more structure, others with less. They have a beautiful ruby colour, so typical of pinot noir. Their bouquet is expressive, clean and pure reminding one of little red berries, and already some notes of maturity. True to the various terroirs, the 2006 vintage has produced rather elegant wines in Côte de Beaune, but wines with more flesh and structure in Côte de Nuits. These most enjoyable wines are expressing the qualities of both pinot noir and their Burgundian terroirs. They can be drunk.