Beaujolais Nouveau 2015

2015 could well become one of the best ever vintages in Beaujolais.
The weather conditions have been perfect: the month of July was hot and luminous, which allowed very good evolution of the maturity of the grapes, and a perfect sanitary condition. Slight rainfall during August brought us some much needed water to give the vines strength. Today, the vines are beautiful. The volume of the harvest will be small, or very small depending on the way flowering occurred in the different areas. The skins are thick as a consequence of the July heat, and the acidity levels are fairly low.
The harvest will start in the coming days in Beaujolais with small teams in the faster ripening areas, and by the end of the week the harvest will be underway in the whole of Beaujolais.

The berries that we have been tasting are good, perfumed and sweet, and announce very pretty wines to come.

Frédéric DROUHIN
August 24th 2015